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A frequent problem enterprise companies face is that they collect massive amounts of consumer data, however they have a difficult time figuring out whether those consumers are still active online. We encountered this same challenge with our own massive consumer database so we decided to develop a data validation/hygiene solution.

Proprietary data validation/hygiene software utilizes social media aggregation to verify if the consumer is a real person. The technology crawls the web to determine if the consumer has a life anywhere online. For example, it pings against popular media properties such as Facebook, iCloud, Amazon, Twitter and more to validate the consumer’s identity. If the software cannot find consumer activity on the web, it simply removes the consumer profile from the database.


Using proprietary email software and robust database we are able to deliver millions of permission based acquisition emails to generate leads, sales and exposure for brands of all sizes and verticals.


Our data driven platform enables advertisers to gather unique demographic insights into campaign performance which helps to increase overall ROI.

In 2016, campaigns delivered by PureAds....

Generated over 20 million unique clicks
Produced over 500k leads/sales for our advertisers
Consumer Reach 150 million


Customer Acquisition

The consumer fills out an online acquisition form and opts in to receive marketing messages. The consumer's data profile is funneled to our database in the following ways:

  • List management partnerships with third party vendors seeking to monetize their data
  • Data acquisitions

Data Hygiene/Validation

After the consumer's data has been added to our database we verify their information using proprietary data hygiene software.

Consumer Profile Construction

The consumer's information is paired with our database so we can build a complete user profile that helps us understand the consumer's behavior and media consumption tendencies. We collect behavioral patterns related to web browsing habits including device type, time of day, and site interests in order to place the right message in front of the consumer at the right time.

Database Segmentation

Once the consumer's profile is built we are able to segment their demographic characteristics in our database. This is key to allowing us to hyper-target across Age, Zip Code, Gender, and Household Income when sending out permission based email marketing messages.


PureAds is an invitation only network of veteran marketers that represents the highest standards of performance marketing compliance and brand safety. The industries leading publishers from around the globe leverage the PureAds platform to maximize their advertising revenue.


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